Here you can download the latest version of TeravQuest engine.

Visual Studio project

We recommend this option.

The archive contains a Visual Studio project with an attached TeravQuest library. The project is ready to go and you can start developing your game right away.



The archive contains the TeravQuest.dll library itself. You will need to connect the necessary dependencies yourself and implement the Main function. How to do this, read here.

Use this option if, for some reason, Visual Studio does not suit you, and you are going to develop a game in a different development environment.


Demo Game

The archive contains a Visual Studio project with the code of the demo game, the creation of which is discussed in the tutorials section.


You can also download the demo game itself.

Source Code

Download the TeravQuest library in source code and take full control over game development.

Change the behavior of certain functions, add new or remove unnecessary ones, modify the application interface, internal mechanisms and much more.

The archive contains a Visual Studio solution with two projects: the TeravQuest library in the form of source code and an empty game project with a connected library project.


Android Version

Create games for smartphones on the Android operating system.

The archive contains a Visual Studio project fully configured for deployment to Android devices. The TeravQuest library is provided as source code and integrated into the project.

Open the project and start developing the game the same way as you did in the Windows version. Or transfer the code of an already finished game. To adapt it, you need to make minimal changes.

We also recommend that you read our cross-platform development notes so that the code you write can be used on both platforms without any changes at all.