Create your own adventure and invite others to it with the TeravQuest text adventure development tool in the powerful C# programming language

Begin creating immediately

TeravQuest is a library in the C # programming language, designed for creating games in the genre of text-based quests.

TeravQuest implements all the routine logic for creating an application: graphical interface and mechanics of interaction with a player.

All you need is to download the project and start creating a new world full of exciting stories to immediately start implementing your creative ideas.

What are text games?

These games appeared when computers could only display text.

Instead of complex 3D graphics, the game uses textual information and static or moving images to display the game scene. And the rest is done by the player's imagination. Due to this, such games are practically not demanding on computer hardware. And developers, like authors of literary works, can realize any of their imaginations.

Our site offers a tool with which you can quickly and easily start developing your own text games in different genres, from adventure and puzzles to graphic novels and even RPGs.

Popular and powerful programming language

TeravQuest does not offer you its own simplified programming language. Instead, you will be writing in a powerful and one of the most popular languages - C#.

The C# language allows you to develop almost any application using an object-oriented style. In addition, it has a fairly low entry threshold.

Having mastered the basic language skills in a couple of weeks, you can easily write games using the TeravQuest library. And by improving your skills, thanks to the C # language, you can develop a large and exciting game, for example, in the RPG genre, with many complex mechanics.

HTML support and soundtrack

Use HTML to decorate your game scenes.

Increase the immersion in your game by editing CSS rules, completely changing the look of the interface.

Add soundtracks to your game to enhance the atmosphere.

Detailed guide

Visit thetutorials section on our website.

Over the course of a series of tutorials, you will become familiar with the basic features of the TeravQuest library and create a short demo game.

Also, you will find there updated additional materials that demonstrate the implementation of one or another mechanic and extend the TeravQuest library with classes that are not included in the main assembly.

Need more control?

If you are an experienced programmer and want to dig deeper into the internals of the TeravQuest library, and rewrite any of its modules to suit your needs, download the TeravQuest library in the form of source codes.